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24 May 2009 @ 02:54 am
Old and new members, it's VERY important you read this. If you don't and something happens, you will simply be refereed to this post.

Our membership is moderated. We generally look for accounts active within at least the last year (see; updated), as we want chambr to be lively and interactive. If your membership request was rejected, you can contact any of the mods via chambr_mods and you'll be told why you were rejected.

First off, respect - you must have it. People will share differing opinions, and thank god for that! If everyone was the same, the world, and the internet would be an incredibly boring place. Funny - or a sense of humor, you must also have. We're incredibly laid back, and it shows! Don't take everything to heart.

That being said, we don't have very much tolerance for drama. If we see, or even hear from a few members that you've been displaying some upsetting behavior, we will warn you. If the behavior is clearly out of line (flaming, trash talking, obvious troll spamming, perpetually picking fights, etc) you will be temporarily banned as to limit any further issues within chambrofsekrits at that time. You will be contacted afterward and given a chance to explain your behavior. You will be notified afterward as to your "pending" membership in chambrofsekrits.

→ If you're wanting to advertise your community, you must first contact the mod's via chambr_mods , and get the okay first.

→ We are not a media-exchange comm. It's fine and dandy to request pictures, gifs & mp3's once in a while (We know you want the latest Wrock) but we've set up a Saturday Swop! So while random, "I NEED MORE DANCE GIF's!" post are fine, requesting things like CD's, other fandom photo's, etc, should be kept to the Saturday Swop (search for these post in the comm's tags here)

→ If you are having a problem with another user, please thread the conversation, link to the post, etc and send in a formal complaint to the page-a-mod. We've had many issues brought to us over AIM in the past, and while we like to speak to you all that way, we rather handle official chambr business in the appropriate comm's. Just state who the problems with and what exactly bothered you and we'll check it out and send you a message to let you know it's being taken care of or what we think on the matter. We will not answer you if you ask us via AIM (telling us you have a problem we need to see ASAP on chambr_mods is fine).

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06 November 2008 @ 12:52 am
to the

chambrofsekrits is a place for the lulz that is all over the POTTER fandom. This community is for fun and games, it's not supposed to be srs bsns. You'll find discussion, parodies, photoposts, memes, and Heathus knows what else.

This community is MEMBERS ONLY. Please JOIN the community and one of the mods will approve you ASAP. If your journal appears to be abandoned or too new, you might not be approved right away, if at all. Don't be offended, if you want in on the lulz, get a little more active with your own LJ.

If you have any questions, you can contact a mod,which you can find on the users page.</lj>